What is neurodiversity?

I campaign for the recognition of neurodiversity precisely because it is a spectrum and I think society needs to be more accepting and accommodating of the breadth of human traits. In some ways I think it is the structure of society is pathological, not people’s brains, through being so narrow in expectations. Even dyslexia has positive attributes that have an evolutionary advantage.
The terms neurodiversity (ND) and neurotypical (NT) are popular in ASD (autism spectrum disorder) circles. Neurodiverse means not the “normal” average or typical type of brain function and perception, such as someone with ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia etc., in other words a neurodevelopmental disorder. Neurodiversity is a nice word for it because it is broad and doesn’t have negative connotations like the word “disorder”. Neurotypical is the majority of the population that has a “typical” brain structure. Obviously we know everyone is an individual and people can having varying degrees of NT or ND in different areas of function, which is why we talk about a spectrum. Neither term is meant to label a person in terms of value. Diagnosis depends on how much impact it makes on a person’s life.