To those who fear labelling: on diagnosing neurodiversity


A “label” is not a diagnosis. Not having a diagnosis does not protect a child from labels. They are already labelled, “Weirdo”, “Nobody likes you”, “Cry baby”. Denial does not make a thing go away. What about later in life? Does a diagnosis hold you back? That depends on how you use it. Knowing yourself leads to better choices in life, working with your strengths and accepting your own nature. We do not have to be limited by a diagnosis, in fact it can be liberating to be acknowledged. It is a starting point for meeting your needs. The diagnosis does not have to define your entire being, it is a “label” in the sense that it is a generalisation, but in reality individuals are infinitely varied. Diagnoses are convenient umbrella terms to help us categorise and describe particular issues that people have. How it affects someone depends on…

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Awakening to the Power of Plants

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I have always been in love with green nature. As a herbalist I am in awe of the power of plants. I feel a deep connection to their energy, vitality and transformative power. Over the last few years my work has evolved towards a written expression of this, on my other blog at and through my published book “See with Heart”. I want to inspire the awakening to healing and connection at this level. I have been writing poetry, which is often centred around plants and nature, and also philosophy with a focus on emotional healing. If you’d like to know more, please have a look

Janey Colbourne 2016