World Suicide Prevention Day


For World Suicide Prevention Day I’m resharing this poem I recorded earlier in the year. It looks at how mental health problems are not just an individual issue but a societal one, and not just in terms of the individual’s impact on society. The way our society is structured has a huge impact on mental health. The pressures and expectations of society, values in education, employment, relationships, media portrayals, the state of the environment, the economy, wealth inequality, health issues caused by modern living-all these are huge factors in the mental health of individuals. The current neoliberal ideology, and the predominance of the capitalist economic system, with its emphasis on maximum production, consumption, profit and material wealth, promotes an unhealthy and unsustainable way of life on a global scale. Faceless corporations have massive power and freedom to trade while individuals feel disempowered and are treated as cogs in a machine…

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