We Are All Human. A poem for International Women’s Day 2019

For International Women’s Day


To all the men who call us ‘man haters’ when we stand up for equality, who smugly shine their gaslight upon us, abusively mocking us, telling us to sit down and shut up, whilst so kindly reminding us we are all human.

We Are All Human

A divisive mindset, incites hate,
sets complaint, declaims our solidarity
with the marginalised society is, ironically, divisive.
Is it not ok to specialise in supporting women
or people of colour, disabled, queers or refugees?
The divisive mindset sees this as a threat, insists
we cannot target our support, though you can target your attack,
brazenly, in disregard for disenfranchised humans.
Simultaneously you chant your gaslit spin,
your empty bullshit, framed, reframed,
this disingenuous refrain,

‘We are all human.’

You don’t say?

Where is your human decency when you fear that recognition
of humanity in others will jeopardise your own?
It sure as hell wasn’t…

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