A Message for Girls

Girls, when you are finding your feet in this world, on the cusp of being an adult and looking for ways to show it, you have no idea how beautiful you all are, in your individuality. Don’t let the world tell you how you need to change; remove hair here, paint it in there. Do not judge each other harshly. What is most beautiful is your soul shining through, expressed in your unique shapes and gestures, the sparkle in your eyes, and your fresh faced youth. No need to hide behind a mask. Beauty is greatest in self acceptance, for then our souls truly inhabit our bodies and make us glow with life. This is not just platitudes, it is truth. Enjoy who you are now, for youth does not last. Our bodies stop growing, but if we allow it, our spirits just keep on expanding.

© Janey Colbourne 2017

also published on my blog heartseer.wordpress.com


Awakening to the Power of Plants

See with heart cover sw

I have always been in love with green nature. As a herbalist I am in awe of the power of plants. I feel a deep connection to their energy, vitality and transformative power. Over the last few years my work has evolved towards a written expression of this, on my other blog at heartseer.wordpress.com and through my published book “See with Heart”. I want to inspire the awakening to healing and connection at this level. I have been writing poetry, which is often centred around plants and nature, and also philosophy with a focus on emotional healing. If you’d like to know more, please have a look heartseer.wordpress.com

Janey Colbourne 2016